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When Disney finally announced Halle Bailey (from duo Chloe and Halle) as our new Ariel in the upcoming remake of The Little Mermaid, social media erupted with their own predictions and suggestions of who should play the rest of the cast in the classic film. Now, the stars are getting in on the fun as well. Ariel’s father, King Triton, hasn’t been cast yet but Terry Crews thinks he’s the best fit for the role.

This past week, Crews, who plays the super buff Sergeant Terry Jeffords on Brooklyn Nine Nine and hosts America’s Got Talent, began campaigning to play King Triton on social media. He started off by posting a picture of what he (and his chiseled bod) would look like as a merman, which seemed to be just a joke—”Ariel’s Dad!! HEAR ME OUT!!” he wrote—until he posted another photo asking fans to hit the like button to support.

If that didn’t convince fans (and hopefully Disney) that he should be selected for the role, Crews went as far as to perform his own rendition of “Under the Sea” for a video audition posted to his socials.

“Under the sea! under the sea! My pecs are better, my triton is bigger, take it from me! Need a refresher? Watch @AGT!” he sang in the clip, and even photoshopped an actual triton and bubbles for added oomph. Actress Yvette Nicole Brown retweeted Crews’ audition tape, writing, “Listen, I am HERE for @TerryCrews making it KNOWN that he’s ready to step into the shoes (fins?) of #KingTriton! A closed mouth don’t get fed. @Disney holla at ya boy!”

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